The magic of leaves, the most economical way to have lots of Zamiokulk

The magic of leaves, the most economical way to have lots of Zamiokulkas zamiifolia plants

Zamiokulkas zamiifolia plant is an easy-to-grow houseplant, has lush green leaves, grows well in low light, does not need frequent watering and has a talent for purifying the air, removing dust and toxic gases. Zamiokulkas zamiifolia plant can live in all different conditions and still grow strong, lush, full of life. However, we also need to pay attention to the following factors to help plants grow better. There is no need to overwater theZamiokulkas zamiifolia plant, you can use a misting sprayer to water the plants 1-2 times a week when the soil is sufficiently moist. You can water it once a month, then bring the potted plants outside to dry in the sun, both to help the plants with photosynthesis and to prevent waterlogging. Zamiokulkas zamiifolia plant is a light-loving plant but can still live in low light, you can place the money tree in many different positions, but should not be placed in places with direct sunlight. Every week, use a wet towel to wipe away dirt on the leaves, both to help the plants look beautiful and to support the photosynthesis process of the plants. If you see yellow leaves, you need to prune to remove to avoid spreading. About 2-3 months should fertilize plant once.

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