Meet the smallest dogs in the world. These cute little pets will steal your heart.

Here is the list of the smallest dogs that exist in the world. You will not believe how small they are.

This little Chihuahua was born the first December 1st, 2011 in Dorado, Puerto Rico. Her full name is Miracle Milly and measures only 3.8 inches tall, while in length she isn’t bigger than a Hershey’s, amazing, right 

-Tom Thumb
This is a mix between a Chihuahua and a Jack Russel and it barely measures 4 inches in length, which makes it even smaller than a guinea pig. It was a candidate for the title of the smallest dog in the world in the Guinness World Records.

- Harlequin
This dog is so small it barely surpasses the size of a can of soda. It has a height of 3,5 inches and, like many other small puppies, it can fit in the palm of any person’s hand.

Dancer is a chihuahua with long hair that weighs 1.12 pounds and measures 5 inches tall.

Scooter is a Maltese puppy that has white hair and measures 3,14 inches tall and 7,8 inches from the nose to the tail. It’s so little it can fit in a teacup! 

No, is not the singer. Beyonce is a little mix of Dachshund that barely reaches 4 inches.

In 2004, a little 2 years old dog named Danka from Revuca, Slovakia was named as the smallest dog alive in the world by the Guinness World Record Book, taking the title from the Florida dog called Brandy. 

This is another Chihuahua that won the title of the smallest dog in the world given by the Guinness World Record.  This little dog only measures 6 inches from the nose to the tail and won the title in 2005.

Again, this is a chihuahua that won the Guinness World Record title as the smallest dog in the world in the year 2007 and its name is Ducky, who won the title after Danka Kordak from Slovakia, a chihuahua that measures 5.4 inches tall. 

-Boo Boo
This chihuahua is only 4 inches tall and weighs less than one pound. It was at the half of the year 2007 when she won the record of the smallest dog in the world, taking the title from Ducky, who measured 4,9 inches.

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